Monday, 29 September 2014

Almost There

I thought I'd get one last post in before Septmeber is over.  We havant been able to get in the house for a while.  Our floors have gone in downstairs and we are pretty pleased with the flooring. A little darker than we thought but this is also due to the lighting in some of the rooms.
After several dramas with our floor selection and after extensive research and quotes we decided to go with vinyl floor planks in 'Omega-Espresso Oak'.  We initially selected timber flooring but we were not keen on having expansion joints throughout the home, then we were going to go with a timber look tile, but hubby wasn't completely sold on the idea.  I then stumbled across this new product and everything was positive about the vinyl planks from what I read so vinyl timber planks it was.  They are so much better than what we were expecting.

Front Door

Entry / Hallway

Flooring up close

Rumpus Room


  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to know if your home is all ok so far? We are building the Sherwood too. Hoping you can post latest photos of your house when you get a chance. Thanks!

  2. Hi! Yes we are very pleased with our home so far. Obviously there are always things you would do differently when you get to live in it and get ideas in what you could have done, but overall, we are very happy. It has more than enough room for my family of four. Clarendon were good to us for most of the journey so we were lucky. Hope your journey is just as pleasant. You've got exciting times ahead and I can honestly say it's worth all the dramas and headaches!